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Our Team at EMS consists of world leading ram pump and grit removal engineers and designers.

All product manufacture and design is done in Stoke on Trent where state of the art CAD systems and 3D modelling is employed.

Each project or installation can be provided with a full package of design and plant layout drawings.

EMS Industries Ltd.

The original Engineering & Machinery Services was formed as a partnership in 1995 by three engineers, John Nash, David Bates and Chris Melvin, who had knowledge and experience of heavy machinery and control systems in the water treatment, manufacturing, chemical and mining industries and who shared a common interest in challenging new, ambitious engineering frontiers.

The progression of the past 15 years has seen the company evolve from being a service supplier to being one of the most respected ram pump and grit removal machinery manufacturers in the UK.

The fundamental philosophy driving the company is to manufacture and provide robust engineering solutions using its own manufactured ram pumps, grit classifiers, vortex separators, crossflow separators and constant velocity separators.

The owners of the company are all totally involved in day to day activities in running and operating the company providing leadership at the sharp end 24/7.

EMS Industries Ltd
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